Ski season has already started. Soon the lovers of the snow madness will start the journey to the ski slope. Remember that before skiing we need to prepare both active and passive motion apparatus, that includes muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Skiing should be a lot of fun, you will have a better control on your ski when your muscles are prepared for this specific type of physical effort, so different from the daily routine. The forces which effect on skier are huge so the possibility of injury is really big. Also the micro injures which causes acidification of the muscles and pain in whole body can spoil all winter fun.

Strength training witch stretching helps to minimize probability of the injury. Stretching is extremely important because after training, muscles are shorten and that means that our flexibility becomes lower. To prevent that we have too stretch muscle’s fibers. So before you jump in your ski boots, you need to do proper warm-up to increase joint’s movements. As a body-building and skiing instructor I created a special training, which in short time will prepare you for winter sports. Only professional personal training will transform difficult exercises in fun.

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